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BMG Improves Diabetic Patient Care


Efforts by Eight Clinics Result in Increased Screening of 6,000 Diabetics

Representatives of Redlands-based Beaver Medical Group presented the results of an initiative to improve patient health at a conference in San Diego this month, highlighting progress made with management of diabetic patients.

The 14-month program set performance benchmarks for care of Beaver Medical’s roughly 6,000 diabetic patients, and aggressive outreach efforts by Beaver staff resulted in more of the patients coming in for important annual blood work.

“It’s important to regularly monitor diabetics’ blood sugar control, cholesterol and blood pressure, and the Chronic Care Collaborative helped in getting more of our patients tested so our doctors and staff can help them better manage their condition,” said Kayla Pelletier, Beaver’s Director of Health Education and the Project Manager for the collaborative.

Pelletier presented an overview of the program’s implementation and results along with
Dr. Robert W. Castillo, Beaver’s Medical Director of Quality Management, at the Health Net Strength of Quality Conference Nov. 10 in San Diego.

Beaver exceeded all of its goals in the program, which was spearheaded by the California Quality Collaborative.

Following the collaborative’s success, the California Quality Collaborative accepted Beaver as a participant in the new Compass Program. This will allow Beaver to build upon the efforts of the last collaborative.

“We’re continuing our efforts to improve our patients’ health,” Castillo said. “This will be an ongoing process.”

Beaver’s health care management company, EPIC Management, is implementing Compass for Beaver as well as another client, Pinnacle Medical Group. The program will run until June of 2013.

One of the key results of the Chronic Care Collaborative was that Beaver exceeded its goal for decreasing the percentage of diabetic patients with a high A1C test result, or no A1C result. An A1C is a common test that reflects blood sugar levels over a two- to three-month period.

That percentage dropped from 26 percent to 19 percent, which puts Beaver above the 90th percentile for that measurement statewide—considered outstanding, Pelletier said.

The 75th percentile is the level at which a medical group is eligible for “pay-for-performance” incentives from California’s Integrated Healthcare Association, which is sponsored by eight health plans.

成就是主要因素percentage of diabetic patients completing an A1C test within 12 months increased from 87 percent to 92 percent in one year, exceeding the goal Beaver had set.

“Increasing A1C screening is helpful because if a patient's A1C is high, we can work with them to adjust their medication, diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of diabetic complications,” Castillo said.

To achieve the increases in patient screenings, administrative staff conducted extensive patient outreach to encourage patients to come in for tests, sending letters and calling patients multiple times.

Beaver also surpassed its goal for the percentage of the patients having an LDL cholesterol test within 12 months, and improved data collection and reporting for blood pressure readings—which resulted in exceeding the program’s blood pressure goal.

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