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Banning Doctors Feautured in Inland Empire Magazine



专家在海狸医疗集团的禁止的办公18新利手机在线室ce have taken the concept of working closely to an entirely new level. Pulmonologists Richard Sheldon, MD and Roger D. Seheult, MD meet weekly over lunch with cardiologists Steven W. Hildebrand, MD, H. John Marais, MD and Jim Mathey their Physician Assistant to discuss patients care. Many of these patients are under the care of two physicians---one from each specialty. Because the circulatory and respiratory systems are interdependent and integrally linked, it is not uncommon for people with pulmonary problems to have cardiac issues as well---or vice versa. For instance, patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are at greater risk of developing an irregular heart beat or heart failure. People suffering with sleep apnea have a much greater risk of their heart stopping in the middle of the night, developing congestive heart failure or high blood pressure.

“如果我看到我怀疑有潜在的心血管问题的病人,我很舒服地将它们带到大厅里,以由Drs评估。希尔德布兰德(Hildebrand)或马莱(Marais)博士,”谢尔顿(Sheldon)博士说。很多时候,可以在现场看到病人。如果我们有问题,我们经常询问彼此对EKG,X射线,药物或其他数据的看法。”医师之间的每周午餐使他们能够讨论困难患者的进展 - 或最近影响提供护理的任何医疗发展或行政问题。

“The close friendships that we have developed as physicians allows us to deliver more coordinated care for patients,” Dr. Sheldon states. “We take that philosophy one step further by treating our patients as friends, too. We believe that patients do much better when they feel they communicate with doctors who talk as friends. We take great pride in keeping those lines of communication open between our patients, and our medical colleagues.”